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MUST offers scholarships, on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice. Leave financial constraints behind and get started with MUST.

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Students…. receive 24/7 personal consultation from our enrollment, financial aid, academic advisors, and other support service personnel to make the most of your online program.
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What's on in MUST : Global Access to Quality Education through our Affiliates

MUST University has partnered with the world's leading universities and professional institutes with the aim of providing quality education to students worldwide. These affiliations have allowed online institutions to offer the courses to students to help them earn their degree through MUST online classrooms. Through its various affiliations and partnerships, MUST University, has a prime opportunity to focus on quality service providers, which will ensure that its partner institutes attain maximum profitability and brand recognition in their respective regions.

MUST Affiliates
Conventional universities from all across the globe prefer to partner with MUST because it has a comprehensive program base with excellent faculty and easy-to-use online classrooms. Thanks to these affiliations, the partnered universities can now offer more programs to their students, thus giving them an opportunity to study in the program of their choice.

Traditional on-campus universities and Training/Vocational institutes offer their students option of studying online by offering MUST University courses in their region. Our affiliates offer higher education and research in a variety of faculties including those offered by MUST University under both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Our affiliate institutes and universities play a pivotal role in helping MUST spread high quality, flexible and affordable education to working adults worldwide. In areas and regions where studying online is still a relatively new idea, our affiliates provide the same quality education that MUST provides in a traditional classroom environment. 
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